Eight Steps


The core foundation of our intervention will always include some aspects of the following Eight Steps that have been shown to improve ethically complicated situations and transform them into positive and productive relations: 

STEP ONE: Identity, Character, and Self-examination

STEP TWO: Reason and Emotions Working Togetherdownload

STEP THREE: Research and Knowledge as Methods of Conflict Resolution

STEP FOUR: Listening Skills

STEP FIVE: Observation Skills

STEP SIX: Vision and Imagination

STEP SEVEN: Actions that Transform Relationships

STEP EIGHT: Words and Agreements that Transform Relationships

Our method has been used around the world and is detailed in our core working text for training, Healing the Heart of Conflict: Eight Crucial Steps to Making Peace with Yourself and with Others, Revised and Updated, Amazon, September, 2016. (

But these steps cannot work without proper guidance, flexibility and counseling tailored to the individual situations in question. Therefore, we offer custom-designed trainings and workshops for the unique needs of the client as well as packages for periodic support and urgent interventions.

Intervention packages are available for:

  1. Periodic check-ups to facilitate successful implementation of recommendations and training goals.
  2. Urgent interventions based on complications and challenges as they arise.

Please contact us to request a training or intervention package tailored to your needs.

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