Christel Gopin, CPA, CFE, CGFM


Christel has twenty years experience of successful leadership in agency administration, working with state, local and federal governments in financial management, auditing, and investigations. She is skilled in planning, organizing, and leading audits, attestations, special requests, and advisory services. Christel is experienced in the implementation of new ideas, methods, standards, laws, regulations, policy and procedures, and processes. She specializes in the review and evaluation of internal control structures, activities, accounts, funds, programs, and information systems. Christel is also certified in forensic accounting, which is the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings. Christel worked in various complex work settings with individuals and groups to promote the cooperation necessary for the timely production of quality work products and to build positive work relationships within teams and clients.

Christel served as a liaison and representative to management groups and other stakeholders, providing expert guidance, recommendations, and follow-ups. As a trainer and workshop facilitator, Christel has instructed hundreds of professionals, both staff and management, in a broad range of continuing education courses for professional development. Christel has advanced certification as a fraud examiner, as a public accountant, and as a government financial manager. Christel holds a bachelor of science degree in accountancy from Arizona State University, and a German diploma in early childhood education. She is the co-creator and certified instructor of Healing the Heart of Conflict, the professional training platform upon which Gopin Associates is founded.

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