Joseph Montville, author “The Psychodynamics of International Relationships and Conflict and Peacemaking in Multiethnic Societies”

A Living Guide for Resolving Tough Conflicts. Marc Gopin holds an endowed chair in conflict analysis and resolution at George Mason University. But his revised and updated “Healing the Heart of Conflict:…” is the fruit of decades of field work in conflict areas abroad, often at great personal risk, with real people in dangerous political battles. His writing is clear and insightful, for example, “It is a mark of great welcome to other human beings when you share your hopes and dreams with them and when you listen patiently to theirs. It is a kind of intimacy that allows the hard talk of problem solving to proceed in a better way.” And for a would-be peacemaker, “Whoever is good at making everyone feel valued puts themselves in a better position to help all sides manage the conflict better.” Basic guidance which should be in the pocket of every one suffering in painful conflicts–from marriages to major ethnic and sectarian disputes–and the people trying to help them

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