Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

We must thank Marc Gopin, who built his outstanding career upon understanding and promoting conflict resolution, for giving us a valuable and reader-friendly roadmap for tackling our internal and external conflicts. Based on years of experience in peacebuilding and deep understanding of how to resolve and move beyond conflict, Gopin’s book is a treasure for all who seek a path toward a lived peace. This book is a readily accessible way for any reader to address—and change—the conflicts in their lives. Gopin asks the individual to start with self-examination, and guides the reader through an eight step strategy to bring clarity to all sides of the conflict. This leads to actions that can effectively transform relations, though, as Gopin cautions us, by taking one step at a time. Throughout this process, he encourages those wanting to resolve the conflicts in their lives to start by maintaining a balance between empathy and self-care, which he aptly notes is ‘necessary for us to play a constructive role in emotional situations.’ In each of the eight steps, Gopin helps the reader to understand what kinds of examinations, and revelations, are required to resolve conflicts.

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